E-YOOSO X-39 USB Wired RGB Gaming Mouse 16400 DPI PAW3327 19 Buttons Programmable Game Optical Mice for Computer PC Laptop


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『SENSITIVE DPI MMO MOUSE』Focus on MMO gamers: this professional MMO gaming mouse built-in up to 16400 DPI, 12000 FPS, 1000 Hz polling rate, 30G acceleration, 100-150in/s cursor speed, and a high precision Avago sensor. It has an adjustable sensitivity level (range from 200 – 16400) built right into the gaming mouse. You can easily adjust the mouse sensitivity using buttons on the mouse.Great micro switches provide crisp, firm clicks.Lightning fast is not just to say-thanks to the improved optical 3327 gaming sensor, the X-39 can instantly register every click/swipe within 1 millisecond. Efficient, accurate and low latency are all included in the box.『COMFORTABLE SHAPE & TEXTURED GRIP』 Ergonomic Right-Handed design with the frosted painting surface avoids hand sweat and slippery. The shape and texture on the mouse are extremely comfortable in the hand and the size is suited for most. That can keep your grip firm during gameplay. 6ft braided-fiber cable with gold-plated USB connector ensures greater durability. Acme adjustable DPI to 16400-equipped with 5 onboard DPI levels (1000/2000/4000/8200/16400), can accurately position the mouse movement. Each of the 5 DPI levels can be easily customized via software, allowing you to quickly switch to DPI settings.『FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE MOUSE & RGB BACKLIT』MMO wired gaming mouse with multiple programmable buttons (included 12 side buttons), 5 custom profiles each with 5 LED RGB colors backlit modes for quick identification of profiles and additional options for over 16 million LED RGB colors.The LED breathing light can be disabled according to your preference.Special Setting Switch Button on the bottom of the wired gaming mouse allows you to execute the switch profile command with maximum efficiency.『PROGRAMMABLE MOUSE BUTTONS』All the macro buttons allow you to customize the functions to your specific needs and can be easily mapped to any of the usual keyboard keys, combos. MMO gaming mouse with side buttons can be mapped to what will best fit your style of play are placed within easy reach of your thumb. “Auto Fire button” is a convenient key for most games that can optimize your preferences. It makes gaming so much easier and even has the ability to increase your level of gameplay.『PRECISE CONTROL IN YOUR HAND』MMO mouse is also an adjustable weighted mouse that comes pre-assembled with (2.4g) x 8 weights inside. 12 buttons on the side are angled and can be positioned faster by touch alone. The Venus gaming mouse has a nice rest place on the left where your thumb can rest when not active. Comes with two durable smooth TEFLON feet pads for the bottom of the mouse to make the mouse slide better and bring the ultimate gaming experience for you.Note:

The most important thing to use a mouse is to stay away from soot and liquid; Pay attention to maintenance after use, clean up regularly.

1. The mouse is not waterproof. Avoid placing drinks and cups next to the mouse, so as not to mistakenly touch the tragedy of liquid into the mouse, if the drink enters the mouse shaft body, after drying, the sugar in it will hinder the shaft body, resulting in the normal rebound when the button is pressed. If you enter a sugar-free mineral water or cold Baike, you should immediately cut off the mouse power, unplug the key cap to let the water dry, the mouse can be air-dried in the cold air mode of the hair dryer, and you can use it normally after a few days.

2, avoid eating in front of the mouse, the residue remains around the mouse, and then enters the key cap and the panel between, after a long time, more and more residue will cause damage to the mouse, will affect the feel of the mouse, and even the phenomenon of card keys.

3, regular cleaning of the mouse, not only to ensure health, but also to extend the service life of the mouse.FAQ:

Do you need a drive?

Most of the mouse plug and play, no driver, programming functions can be installed corresponding software to achieve programming functions.

How long is the wire?

1.8 m.

Is it RGB?


Is programming supported?


Additional information




30 G

Movement speed, IPS


Sensor model

Pixart 3327 (6200 DPI, 220 IPS, 30G)

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