E-YOOSO X-11 RGB USB 2.4G Wireless Gaming Mouse 4000 DPI 9 buttons Programmable ergonomic for gamer Mice laptop PC computer


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Welcome to choose X-11 gaming mouse, this mouse uses P3104 gaming mouse special sensor,The positioning is accurate and the performance is stable and safe. Support strategy games, shooting games, and RPG games. stand by When browsing the Internet page, you need to press and hold the keyboard to support the page zoom of Office software such as Office.

Rotate the wheel while pressing the [Ct button, the shape is ergonomically designed, and the feel is comfortable. DP can be arbitrary Switch, up to 4000 DPI, install software to drive custom button functions, let you play games China is even more handy.

Product features

1. 2.4G working frequency, strong versatility, transmission distance up to 10 meters.

2. Use ultra-low power consumption chip PAW3104 to make the power consumption of the mouse lower.

3.1000/1500/2000/2400/4000 five gear hardware CP switching function and CP gear indication,Feel free to switch the speed you like.

4. Built-in large-capacity lithium battery with protection board.

5. Use infrared as a mobile tracking light source

6. Support multi-level power saving mode switching, maximum battery energy saving, and support for complete sleep Low battery reminder function, master battery charging time.

7. Support multi-key redefinition and macro definition (with corresponding driver software), and configure RGB LED.

Should drive the software to support backlight off/on breathing color redefinition.

8. Ultra-micro (Nano receiver, plug and play)

Product use

1. Take out the wireless mouse and receiver from the box.

2.2. Insert the receiver into the effective UsB port of the computer, and pull the power switch at the bottom of the mouse to In the ON position, just press a button of the mouse, and now you can use the wireless mouse.

3. Description of the three positions of the bottom power switch

Middle position: (wired state) no light power saving mode / (wireless state) off mode Left: Matte power saving mode (the wheel is illuminated, the sides are not illuminated)

Right: Normal lighting mode (lighting on both sides of the wheel at the same time)

Note: The backlight flashes red during charging, and the light mode cannot be adjusted

(1). DP resolution setting

1. DPI lighting effect: monochrome constant light breathing/off.

2 Default 5 gears DP: 1000/1500/2000/2400/4000

3Brightness can adjust the brightness of the light.

(2) Mouse parameter setting

1. Mouse movement speed improves pointer accuracy setting

2. Scrolling speed: the speed of the mouse wheel can be adjusted.

3 Double-click speed: adjustable mouse button speed.

4. Lighting settings

1. The light effect is monochrome, always bright, breathing streamer/off

2. Speed can adjust the light speed

3. Brightness can adjust the brightness of the light

4.RGB value: select the light color by adjusting the three-color value

Package Contents

1*Wired and wireless dual-mode mouse

1* Type-C USB data cable

1*USB receive

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